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Phelamanga is TETA accredited (TETA14-523) and Department of Labour registered to provide training, this ensures all training meets the SETA requirements for outcomes, assessments and leaner development.

Legal Compliance, Health and Safety and Skills development

Training and skills development ensures a holistically developed, strong and motivated workforce. We provide a number of courses to help you achieve this. We also provide supporting services to build on the foundations laid during training. The main areas we cover include:
• Occupational Emergency
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Lifting Equipment (Fork Lift, Overhead Crane, Truck Mounted Crane)
• Safety Audits
• Risk Assessment
• Safety Files
• Team Management / development
• Personal development

See our detailed Course List with SAQA information.

With the multitude of requirements made on business today companies need to ensure they are sourcing and maximising the services they need, while minimising wasteful expenditure on services they do not need.

Identifying the services you actually need is something we want to work with you to do. Making sure you get the most out of your relationship with us.

Safety Officer

Phelamanga has a safety officer with vast experience. He is able to provide initial risk assessments and safety file updates, or development. He can provide regular site visits with industry specific safety officer support; including tool box talks, inspections and PPE monitoring.

Workplace Skills Plan

A tool often overlooked as too cumbersome, and frustrating to develop and work with. Generating a concise and user friendly Workplace Skills Plan has the potential to open opportunities for external funding for training and streamline training requests. Thereby reducing wasteful expenditure on training that is not needed, while focussing on developing skills that are needed. Ensuring the overall skill and expertise within the organisation are increased.