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Enable, Empower, Equip

Education and training are both about enabling, empowering and equipping people to reach their full potential. A highly qualified and respected Education specialist with extensive experience in curriculum development and program management heads up our Education and Training Development Department. We are proud to be able to offer specialised education development and distance education consulting services. Phelamanga believes ensuring that developing training on the basis of sound educational principles enables a fit for purpose programme that meets the needs of employers and employees alike. Training developed this way seeks to build not just information and skills but understanding of the reason for certain practices and their impact upon the activities and processes being undertaken in the workplace and upon people’s lives.

These principles include the following:
• Understanding the learner profile
• Building upon their existing knowledge and understanding
• Developing that understanding within the context
• Structuring learning in a developmental way

Core services

Design and Management of Programmes

Phelamanga Education and Training designs and supports quality processes that fulfill SAQA, SETA and Department of Education requirements, including the development of:
• outcomes based curricula
• learner information and progress management systems
• learner support systems
• accredited and equipped staff

Distance learning

Phelamanga Education and Training has extensive experience in the development, management and delivery of a comprehensive international distance learning programme designed specifically for an African context. This experience includes contextually appropriate:
• learning materials
• learner support systems
• assessment methods
• overall quality assurance

Accreditation Processes

Phelamanga education and training is currently providing consultants and institutions with the following services:
• identification of appropriate SETAs
• programme and unit standard alignment
• development of policy and quality management systems to meet accreditation requirements
• materials review against unit standards