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Phelamanga has been providing positive support and development in a number of fields for 20 years. Phelamanga has grown during this time and is now able to offer a spectrum of services to enhance your business and community interactions. Our experience brings with it the opportunity to build and provide quality services to our clients, to enable them to positively impact their education, workplace and environment.

Phelamanga offers a range of services to enhance your business and community interactions.


The provision of cost effective, user-friendly and hassle-free specialist services. With practical, simple solutions to enable people to engage with their physical, workplace and educational environments.


To give our clients a complete service tailored to their needs. Working in partnership with our clients to develop and provide quality and integrity based solutions, systems, trainings, interventions and leadership skills that are practical and implementable by the people who will use them.

Three divisions – unlimited impact

Three discreet divisions that enjoy a strong collaborative working relationship, and are able to work independently.

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Fiona Bulman
Rod Bulman
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